Shame, Shadow Integration & Wizard Power


Marcus woke in the morning, feeling hungry, but not of the edible type. His stomach did not growl, his senses did. He didn’t feel fatigued but energized throughout the limbs. He didn’t want food but desired activity, intimacy, physicality, sensuality. Then his fluid limbs, feeling fluid and free and aroused and potent for the moment, suddenly drew back, tensed, restricted, suppressed. He felt like a rope just wrapped around him, tying him down, making his physique feel like a heavyweight on the bed.

Marcus may be a fictional representation of the kind of visceral self-suppression men experience daily. Vastly different from self-control, which is a conscious act of will, or transmutation, a channeling of something from one form into another, self-suppression is an unconscious constriction of some energy, thought, feeling or action, and men and women are both compelled under its grasp.

As our world (mostly here in the west) gradually shifts towards a spiritually aware, matriarchal focus where the feminine energy is receiving empowerment, the masculine energy is on course to facing its personal demon. That is the male hunger.

The male drive manifests in multiple ways and we often see the more destructive aspects like: wars, conflict, goal and sexual obsession and the need for control. View enough of these manifestations and one might decide to simply say, “Men suck!” A consequence of this ideology is an inner suppression men have taken on that causes a closeting of male energy needing expression. When it’s not given healthy expression, like any drive, we have these radical, unproductive eruptions.

Masculine Shadow Integration Vs. Suppression

The irony of the masculine energy is it holds the white part of yin-yang symbolism, yet it often can reveal itself to be very dark and chaotic. When a man suppresses his drives and fails to give them a proper space for aliveness, they become what psychological circles call the shadow.

Grimy, raw, perverse, dominating, ravenous: the shadow acts as the private house for those desires we have but choose not to accept or act on in the mundane world. The more we suppress, the stronger the shadow. But like any shadow created by the light, it doesn’t remain hidden; it reveals itself in ways we may not realize or feel proud of.

So a man’s sex drive without a channel may result in porn addiction or high disrespect and abuse towards women. His desire to become successful may be shadowed into ambition for crime and quick cash and an “anything necessary” attitude to climb the success ladder. His drive to be the best he can be may be shadowed into a dark desire for war with anyone who stands in his way, to even kill for the “prize.”

We also have a tendency towards wanting to fix things. An all too common stereotype, the male drive is equipped with a solution, goal-oriented focus, and consequently, it can also aim to feel it needs to “fix” these desires. But we know in the world of magick, one of the most dangerous barriers to effective manifestations is…


Shame creates a deep self-wound that makes us dislike ourselves. Something inside of us we feel should be cut off, eliminated. Through years of conditioning, we end up feeling like we don’t deserve those experiences in life we truly want. For the wizard, the male drive is a most necessary element for practice and shaming it turns off the electricity needed for magickal manifestation.

Rather than feel ashamed for having a sexual desire or ambition or drive to be strong, this energy can be rechanneled into useful power for purposes of self-evolution, or any productive endeavor you aim for through integration.

Integration requires acceptance of our nature holistically, every drop it, all of the graceful, loving, angelic stuff just as much as the animalistic, earthy, dirty stuff. The result is we develop a relationship with those parts of us and they then become “tamed” or available for our magickal application.

For a man purposed to develop his magickal power, you will need to experience a bit more integration than a woman. While her nature is instinctually grounded in the feminine energies of the moon and earth powers, a man must harness his masculine energy and open himself to his feminine receptivity without feelings of shame, ego busting or weakness.

No sweat right?

Here are a few techniques for some masculine shadow integration:

Acknowledge Your Desires. You’ll feel this almost immediately, the weight lifted as you gradually call out your wants without judging them. Literally, call them out without having to act on them. Give them a voice: “I feel like running a mile. I feel driven to take a risk. I have to speak up for myself. I do not accept my position in life right now. I feel sexually drawn to her.” The testosterone flowing in your system does amazing things like give you physical strength, increase your interest in the activity, make you more assertive as and sexual. Give yourself inner permission to feel these energy flows. You are establishing a consciousness of acceptance.

Give Your Desires Expression in An Outlet. As you form a consistent habit of acceptance (you’ll intuitively know when this happens), find a way to constructively channel your desires.

If you feel like running a mile, set up a workout schedule where you can do so.

If you feel driven to take a risk, start a new project or enter a new social circle that takes you out of your usual boundaries.

Need to speak up more, you can join a public speaking organization or grab the next opportunity to do a presentation at work. Start that first Grimoire and spell your words on paper.

If you feel sexually drawn to a woman, allow that sacral energy to charge up your chakra, smile and take the chance to begin a conversation, (we’ll cover connection with magickal women in greater detail in a future article).

The purpose of the outlet is to give your shadow a positive space in your life, so it continues flowing rather than cause blockages in your system.

Anchor Words of Power. The words we use combined with their meaning to us hold tremendous magickal influence. Choose or create your own power words by infusing them with your pyramid powers (please read The Wizard’s Return to Magic for further reference). When you wish to activate an aspect of your male drive, you can use the word, your powers and connect them to the drive you’d like. The stronger the connection, the more effective your power words.

Example: Shadow drive to compete with everyone rechanneled into competing with oneself + pyramid powers + power words = anchor for challenging one’s limits. Whenever you want to give more energy to self-development, you can use this magickal formula for intense focus.

To form a solid bond among your words, feelings and imagination, work with a simple visualization. Close your eyes and choose an image or environment that will bring you the most energy arousal, shocks your system. Speak your words and notice the feelings rise. Your ecstatic state is the fuel that will send your intent to the Anima Mundi, which will work to morph your reality according to your magick. Practice, practice, practice!

Create Your Magickal Journal or Grimoire. Our thoughts exist in a sea of energy without form until we bring them down into the mundane world through words or actions. This book will house your innermost thoughts, desires, dreams, knowledge, spells and herbal remedies all based on your personal experience. It will be most useful in seeing how you progress in shadow integration. Use the Grimoire as a mirror to reflect your development.

Be Among Women Non-Sexually. This may by far be the toughest ability for you to cultivate, but if you attain this level, your power and general well-being will multiply tenfold. Women possess a special feminine energy that naturally acts as complementary nourishment to a man (and I intuit this occurs for women as well). This occurs within romance and friendship.

When you make friends with a woman (meaning you have no romantic interest in her), allow your heart chakra to remain open so you can receive the instinctual femininity she naturally radiates. This will further strengthen your wizard energy and raise your consciousness to see women as spiritual beings beyond their physical features. This is all about getting “in touch with your feminine side” and transmuting that magickal rush you may feel in the presence of a wise woman soul.

In her eyes, voices, mannerisms, and actions, you will be able to perceive the feminine principle through her chakras and activate it within you.

Strengthen Connection to Gaia. As the masculine principle is forward moving and action-oriented, it might feel odd to receive advice suggesting to surrender, but that’s what I’m suggesting!

Gaia is Mother Nature, the power of the earth and sorry to say, gentlemen, there is no dominating mother nature. The best course of action here is to go with her flow and this requires giving into her seasons, how she induces growth and decay, the elements (air, fire, water, earth, spirit). To fight her, to go against her directions is to reverse our wizard energy, health, and growth on the planet. By accepting Gaia’s nature, we become more attuned to her and our feminine principle.

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