Male Witch? The Wizard’s Return to Magic


Everything in this world is magic, except to the magician.” – Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) in Westworld

Our awareness of consciousness, energy, connection and the forces of nature is increasing through a combination of technology, science and ancestral reminders from life on our planet, and that wonderful source called Anima Mundi, or God, or Source, or any special name you want to give it. As an avid student of the universe, I deeply appreciate the amount of opportunities available out there to experience for my growth:

–     Online workshops allowing for learning anywhere
–     In-person classes, workshops, seminars and retreats
–     Solo learning, online & books bought and even traded online!
–     Mentoring, tutoring, advising, coaching, consulting and other forms of one-on-one tutelage
–     Direct experience with the cosmic forces through individual practice

The list goes on, but what I notice most about these fantastic opportunities, especially in my area here in the Tri-State, is the low number of male participation.

When it comes to magic, alchemy, witchery or soul growth, whatever mode we wish to take on, it seems there is a deficit of masculine presence. This has become a consistent theme for women peers I’ve spoken to and from personal observation. As someone who frequently attends group classes and training in self-development, magical and plant medicine arenas, I’m often the sole male, and if there are more, the percentage is vastly small compared to women attendees. Not only can this create wider rifts between men and women in romantic relationships (one partner desiring to rise higher magically while the other remains stagnant), but also social gatherings and generally trying to connect with a “meeting of the minds.”

The feminine principle is definitely taking strides in ascension work today, and many of the elements in magic have predominantly feminine energies including:

Intuition: Ability to know or understand, instant understanding, a gut hunch, and the internal compass that gives us direction, inside knowing, insight (inner sight)

Moon Cycles: An understanding of how the moon influences planetary behavior, human energy flow and the process of creation, destruction and rebirth within us

Earth-based Connection: Relationship with the life on earth and the planet herself including plants, stones, the elements, animals, weather, the elements

Emotions: Energy pulses that can shift our consciousness and propel into certain actions

Vulnerability: An openness to receive what life offers, risking injury or empowerment

Holistic Connection: Feeling the oneness in all things that allow the magical chords to influence our manifestations

Wild Freedom of Expression: Action, thought and feeling without restrictive codes, rigid beliefs or feeling shame

Ebb, Flow and Ecstatic States: States of intense joy, pleasure, transcendental meditation, feeling “in the zone,” intense arousal

These are powerful elements and form the very foundations that enable a male witch or wizard to manifest influential personal magic. The challenge we as men face is accepting these aspects within our being, because we are taught stringent, stoic behavioral patterns that emphasize coldness, bravado, absolute emotional domination and an objectivity that causes separation of self from these untamed energies. We’ve been conditioned to not indulge our emotions, and any connection to the feminine parts of ourselves is perceived as being girly.

I’d like to propose a middle path, a path that existed with the ancients for men to harness the propelling, pillar-strength of the wizard masculine energy with the creative, nature-power of the feminine. In this path, we can feel comfortable harboring the male principle and exercise it without blockages while embracing the intuitive wisdom that is necessary to spark our imagination.

Here are some suggestions to enhance wizard power:

Take advantage of the knowledge available. No ego bruising. No perceived weakness. The more classes, workshops, videos, conversations and self-directed learning you engage in the lunar power, the stronger your lexicon becomes and the more you understand about how magic works. Interestingly, in the second episode of the new series Westworld, Anthony Hopkins’s Dr. Ford says, “Everything in this world is magic, except to the magician.” The more competent we become, the greater our confidence, the more effective we become at working with the forces, and we begin to see clearer how beneficial the study is for both men and women.

Embrace your masculine energy. A vital state of mind to be in for magic is to accept oneself holistically, that means the light and shadow, the beautiful and the not so pleasant. Banishing shame. Any rejection of the self-creates a separation or blockage that then buries deep within, only to resurface and manifest in some tyrannical form. We see this happening over thousands of years under severe patriarchal systems: massacres, wars, pillaging, conquering all under the vibration of excessive masculine expression.

I encourage you to feel your male energy in both meditative and active states. When you feel aggressive, goal-oriented or even the need to be destructive, warrior-like, just feel that energy current. Allow it to flow through you without judgment. Acknowledge it by stating, “I feel aggressive.” You do not have to act on it. Acknowledgement and acceptance will allow the energy to flow through you and express more constructively as you live, “I feel aggressive and it is my will to use this power to accomplish XYZ today. So mote it be.”

Embrace your feminine energy. This may feel odd due to years of conditioning and involves leading more with your gut, heart or intuition rather than logical understanding. There will be times when you know A to B to C is the method to take, while others (and likely most times), you’ll receive a wave of whole understanding about a situation or how to get something done. You sense something is off about a plan and not sure why. You feel swept up in the moment of an emotion and it brings you into an ecstatic state. Or there may be times when you simply want to let go, be free and feel without obligations, or you desire intimacy with nature or another person. These are magical expressions urging you to release and to be receptive to elements giving you information and permission.

Lower your guard and allow this energy to flow. See where your hunches take you. Walk without a map. Perform meditation in the dark rather than focus on a candle. Your physical and psychical senses require fine-tuning to feel the ebb and flow of manifestations.

Train your pyramid powers. Magic is spiritual artistry and these are considered the foundation states to establish as we progress in any kind of magic or alchemy: to know, to dare, to will, to keep silent and recently added, “to go.”

To Know

This is an emphasis on learning, gaining knowledge. The quest for understanding ought to never cease, as there is always something new to learn. It’s also important to understand as best we can the why of what we do. What and Why offer a combination that gives us both stronger awareness and purpose for our actions. This is especially influential in the masculine energy, which tends to express forward-moving focus, linearly, straight-lined, the clichéd “focus on one thing.” Men can enhance their abilities by going deep into this state of perpetual learning and understanding, already being wired this way. Combine this with the holistic understanding that feminine intuition provides and we have a powerful To Know Recipe.

To Dare

To dare is about risk. The male drive, as we’ve seen throughout the ages, manifests risk quite frequently in the name of self, people, symbols, and beliefs. The famous Trojan War’s catalyst was the risk of a man taking a beautiful queen he loved, and the risk of the king venturing to reclaim her. When our testosterone levels are high, we naturally dare, feel more confrontational and take more risks. But this kind of dare seeps deeper into the soul work, a dare of the spirit. We must be willing to take action in ways others may be too afraid, to gain knowledge others may scoff at, to see in ways others prefer not to out of being too comfortable. To dare is to be open to being uncomfortable with transformations happening within and out.

To Will

To feel capable of doing anything, to accomplish, to “get shit done.” These are the more mundane manifestations of willing. The pyramid’s will is likened to a huge ship that keeps moving no matter how many storms attack it. The will is the weapon to focus your aim and channel your desire so that your magic creates the synchronicity you imagined. It is total confidence and faith that your manifestation will happen.

When boys reach puberty and that surge of testosterone floods the body and brain, there’s a natural empowerment that surfaces. We feel brasher, more robust, assertive, invincible, capable of doing anything. That change from boy to man brings with it a strong will. But without proper channeling, it can result in arrogance and there’s little growth in that department.

To magically will, acceptance of every aspect of yourself is a prerequisite, and this is why embracing your energies is so important. Without this acceptance, your will remains undivided, and your magic will weaken.

To Keep Silent

On the one hand, men may be viewed as not communicative enough, and on the other, viewed as too talkative with bravado, ego, and chest puffing. Both sides misuse silence. This pyramid power emphasizes the capacity to remain quiet while performing your magical practice and observing the manifestations until what you desire is actually realized. This means avoid bragging about your skills, power or nuances in your practice. No buddy talks detailing how you spoke certain words or experienced an awesome kundalini elevation. All operations in this regard remain silenced. This power speaks of self-control and those with the greatest power need the greatest self-control.

To Go

This is considered an addition, sitting at the pyramid’s top. To go is your collective harnessing of power to go make your manifestation happen. It’s the accelerator pedal in your car. When you have the knowledge, the daring courage, the will to focus and the ability to be quiet about it, then you’re ready to actually manifest.

Example: After creating a sigil to attain magical mastery (a lofty goal, I know!) and banishing it, I received several manifestations based on the strength of my pyramid powers.

One was receiving an opportunity to write for November Sage’s School of Witchery here! Writing magically will help sharpen my communication of it.

A second: A center I attend regularly, The Alchemist’s Kitchen, already hosted many interesting classes. But the nature of the classes began morphing around what I was specifically envisioning for myself: greater skill with food, herbal plant medicine, and crystals. I developed a connection to mugwort and almost immediately a class including how to create mugwort balm, infusions and elixirs showed up there.

A third: An opportunity to work with an amazing medicine woman on plant medicine and crystals and this will be the first time she gives coaching in this way.

Our logical, male perspective may write these experiences off as mere coincidence because “things just happen,” but coincidences are evidence of magical manifestations in our lives. By embracing the feminine moon energy, we become more attuned to these changes, actions to take, others to ignore, how to co-create in this mirror we call reality.

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