Moon Water


Moon Water and why you should have it in your repertoire.

Moon water is simply water placed outside during the various lunar phases to collect the moon’s rays. The moon infuses its energy into the water which can then, in turn, be used for various practices. Moon water is very versatile and easy to collect.

The great thing about moon water is the simplicity of it. Even if you do not have an intended use at this time, collecting moon water for a later time can come in handy.

Below is a list of what you need.

Water – If you intend to ingest the water, please use water from a source you trust. There is no shame in tap water but if you want more zest from nature you can collect water from a local spring, river, or stream. Those more advanced can purify locally sources water for use for ingestion. Remember that purification of the water must take place before you put it outside.
A vessel – A clear glass jar, cup, or container to hold the water and allow in the moonlight. (Not plastic) I suggest a clean vessel with a lid if you plan on ingesting the water for sanitary reasons.
Extras- herbs, crystals, salt – If you wish to add herbs or crystals to the water you can do so for an extra punch. There are two methods to adding extra infusions to moon water – the direct method meaning placing the herbs, crystals or salt directly into the water and the indirect method or placing the herbs, crystals, or salt outside of the water vessel either around the vessel or on top of the vessel.

Safety Warning: Not all herbs and or crystals are safe for ingestion. Not all crystals are suitable for water charging and can potentially cause health hazards. If the stone is raw you may not want to place it in the water as pieces may fall off and be ingested. If you plan to ingest make sure everything is safe as well as if you plan on using crystals make sure they are water safe. My suggestion for beginners is to stick with tumbled clear quartz, amethyst or rose quartz.
Again be mindful of what your intentions are to use the water for.

Once your vessel is ready to place it outside once the moon has risen. Leave it out for a few hours or overnight, as long as you can bring it before the sunrise. Find a clear spot that can soak up the most moonlight, like a western facing spot.


Moon water is equivalent to holy water for witches. It can be used for rituals, blessings, or in spells for more potency.
Morning Jolt: Add moon water to your coffee or morning smoothie for a jolt of moon energy.  Moon water will provide a boost of energy in the morning.
Healing: Moon water can be used for healing. By cleaning cuts, scrapes, or rubbing on an area of pain moon water helps provide extra energy to the healing process.
Beauty Regimen: Moon water can be used in your beauty regimen for facial cleansing, bathing, and or washing your hair. Moon water provides a great glow and helps with hair growth. Mix with coconut oil or shea butter for extra hydration.
Night Time Calm: Mix moon water with oils or herbs for a night time spray such as lavender or chamomile for a nice calm evening.

Some traditional uses of Moon water during the moon’s phases include:
Dark Moon Water (three days before a new moon): Personal care, spells or rituals for beginnings, and money
Waxing Moon Water: Inspiration, growth, and love
Full Moon Water: Psychic boost, healing, decision making, and fertility
Waning Moon water: Detox, release of old and negative energies


How the Witchery Faculty Uses Moon Water –

From Jordan Schwersky: “Making [moon water] is pretty simple, but I like to make that a ritual. Just kind of being very present while pouring the water into the bowl or jar. I find that it helps enhance whatever ritual I then use the moon water for.”

From Alice Cimino:  “I use it with organic essential oils to make body spray and bedtime spray.”

From Tracy Insight: “I use moon water in my coffee or drink it straight out of the jar. It’s a great way to start the day with positive energy coursing through my body.”

From Juliet Diaz: ” Aside, from using it in my rituals/spells…I use moon water to detox and reset once a month. I head out to the woods and hike, drink my moon water and eat water based fruits/veggies all day.”


Show us your moon water by using the hashtag #schoolofwitchery and #moonwater


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