Horoscopes for the week of August 14th 2017

It’s Mercury retrograde time again! There’s much fear surrounding this transit, but if we know how to work with it, Mercury retrograde can be highly fruitful. The messenger planet will be retrograde from August 12th in the sign of Virgo (with a dip back into Leo at the end of the month) until September 5th when it stations and begins moving forwards again.

This period is best used to go over what was started in July and early August (or earlier): to edit, revise, reconsider, research, iron out the details, sort out the plan, negotiate, tie up loose ends, clean out, release, let go, detox, organize. Everything is in flux during this time. Plans are liable to change. Stay as flexible as possible, and always double check the details.


In your sixth house, Mercury works with you to reconsider your work relationships and collaborations, to revise and edit work documents and projects, and to clarify how you serve. Sort out your schedule, clean out your files: there’s an opportunity now to take a fine toothed comb to your work life so that come mid-September you are clear and ready to fly forward.


Mercury retrograde in your fifth house encourages you to pick up old hobbies and creative projects. Is there a dusty manuscript in the back of your closet, or climbing shoes that haven’t seen the light of day for years? It’s a beautiful time to reconsider what gives you pleasure and joy and to refine this area of your life.


In your fourth house, Mercury retrograde offers energy conducive to cleaning out and organizing your home, and for sorting out plans around the house. You may also feel inclined to delve into childhood memories in order to release any pain that you are ready to let go of. Forgiveness of self and others is utterly transformative.


Your third house of the mind and communication is activated by this Mercury retrograde. You are likely to be busy with email and phone calls: double-check that emails were sent and received, and proofread everything you write before sending. Expect your mind to be busy reordering and restructuring itself. Connect with the witness and observe your mental process. Trust that your mind knows how to reorganize itself.


Mercury is retrograde in your second house of values and material security. Reconsider what’s most important to you so you can align your life with your values. In particular, mend any leaks in your own cups: fill yourself up with self-care and self-love. Know that you are worthy. Revise your finances. Envision what abundance looks and feels like to you and then call it into your life.


Mercury retrograde in your sign is an opportunity to reconsider the structures and routines of your life, to clarify and clean them up so that your life may flow more smoothly. What isn’t working? What can you do without? How can you simplify? Go through old files, clean out your closets, get rid of all the excess. You will feel buoyant.


Mercury is retracing its steps through your twelfth house of the unconscious mind. This is an opportunity to delve deep, to understand yourself more intimately, to uproot and release toxic thoughts and patterns that hide in the shadows. Dream work, therapy, journal writing, divination, ritual, and meditation are especially useful tools at this time.


In your eleventh house, Mercury retrograde activates your social networks, friend groups and your involvement with organizations. Which connections support and nourish you? Which friends see you and wish for your success? Let go of any relationships that don’t serve you, that feel weighty, that you keep only out of habit or a sense of obligation.


Mercury is retrograding through your tenth house of career and your public role. This is wonderful opportunity to go back over work projects and documents, to clean them up and thereby elevate them and yourself. Reconsider what is and isn’t working within your career and your public presentation. Release what no longer serves you.


In your ninth house, Mercury retrograde supports you in hashing out your own personal worldview and belief system. Our worldview underlies our perception and therefore our decisions and actions. It might seem abstract, and yet it speaks all that is practical. So when we clarify what we believe and how we see the world, our lives flow more smoothly. Let go of beliefs you hold out of habit, create your worldview with intention and care.


As Mercury retrogrades through your eighth house you are supported in attending to your intimate relationships. Clarify how you share, how you divide up resources. Communicate your needs and desires in your most intimate relationships. This is a deeply transformative time for you. This transformation can be assisted with a detox or cleanse, and by taking the time for contemplation.


Mercury retrograde in your seventh house of relationships wishes you to reconsider how you related, who you relate to, and why. What do you need and want from your relationships? Are you getting that? Speak up if you aren’t getting what you need from those you are close to. Release relationships that don’t nourish and support you to make space for new connections to come in.

Published by

Mystic Sandwich

Andi is an astrologer, writer, and yoga instructor based in Vancouver BC. As an astrologer she seeks to uncover the meaning underlying our experience. She believes astrology offers the medicine of a worldview in which Earth and Universe are understood as sacred, magical, and symbolic, and gestures to how we might live in harmony with nature’s rhythms. Andi’s offerings include private readings, event readings, workshops, and yoga classes. For more information, see her website, www.MysticSandwich.com.

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