Total Solar Eclipse: 8/21/17

Total Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017 @ 28°53’ Leo

11:30 a.m. Eastern Time, 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time

Which coincides with the New Moon in Leo


“The Great American Solar Eclipse” of 2017, as it is being referred to, is a TOTAL eclipse that swaths across the United States of America from East to West coast. This Total Eclipse is highly significant, especially for those in its path. There are some other significant aspect influences happening at the same time. What exactly is the influence of a total solar eclipse? Total solar eclipses can seem ominous. Think about it. Quite suddenly, the life-giving force of the Sun is blocked, the world falls strangely silent, and we have a 360° sunset. Things are bizarre and held in suspense. This is precisely the effect of the influence in our lives. Purposeful disruption of the ordinary can occur in our lives to signal attention. We are alerted to what needs improvement, changing, eliminating, and evolving, all in a most dramatically immediate call to arms. It’s a cosmic STOP! Pay attention to what you have disregarded or taken for granted, like the very essence of the Sun. Combine this with the New Moon influence, and you have an opportunity for immediate and important new beginnings…Do Overs, if you will, or an intense alert to Begin Now. Total Solar Eclipses are like “New Moons on Steroids!” We are immediately taken from the yang energy of the Sun to the sudden, dark yin energy of introspection and inner knowing. Pay attention. We, especially the sensitives among us, have felt the influence building for weeks or even a few months ahead of the eclipse, and its influence of change will be felt for up to 6 months after the eclipse. We can experience major growth from these sudden, earthly, “power outages” if we take advantage of what stirs in us and maintain a keen awareness. If we have not been learning along the way in our lives, we will most likely have some unpleasant awakening to deal with. Kind of like someone throwing ice cold water into your face as you sleep.

Eclipses often bring with them the announcement of major life events such as weddings, births, deaths, change of residence or purchase of a new home, significant health events, etc. You will want to know which house 28° of Leo lands in your birth chart to tell you what area of life will be most affected for you. Also look to the planets at that same degree and sign, or the other fixed signs at 26-29° of Leo (Taurus, Scorpio, or Aquarius) in your birth chart as they will square or oppose the Sun and have a definite influence as well. This is quite technical, so I will not belabor that here; but, grab your astrologer and have them help you with how to best take advantage of this eclipse in your life. You do not need to know a stitch about astrology, however, to realize its effect upon you. Just be present, aware, and ready for change in your life.

In addition to the Solar Eclipse and New Moon, we have the Sun and Moon both trining Uranus, and, the day prior, trining Saturn; so there is ample opportunity for sudden change and brilliance from Uranus, and flowing, helpful structure and achievement from Saturn. When Uranus and Saturn work together, we have unique and sudden insights, intellectual acumen combined with careful structure and seriousness in our efforts. Trines are a flowing aspect and easy to miss, as they don’t typically force growth. However, as they happen along with the eclipse, we will be a bit more aware of their helpful presence. Take advantage of the assistance to ensure evolution of the spirit and positive change in your life. This is no small eclipse, but one of great importance.

This Total Solar Eclipse also sports a North Node in Leo and, therefore, South Node in Aquarius. There is a new beginning and urge toward the more personal, proud, loud, bold, courageous traits of Leo from the less personal, subjective, aloof, group-oriented Aquarius. The past Aquarian energies which leaned toward corroboration are wanting to shift to personal, self-expression and rulership. We can see this happening with our own government’s relationship with NATO at this time, as well as Britain’s exit from the European Union. Worldwide sentiments and policies seems to be shifting from a globalist perspective to an individual, protective, separatist ideology; at least presently. There is much civil unrest and instability (Uranus energy) at this time on our planet. Interestingly, the eclipse lands on our president, Donald Trump’s, ascendant (how he is perceived by others, and his first initial impressions, approach, and response to life). Stay tuned! This eclipse is highly significant for him and his personae in the world.

On August 21, 2017, we also have a Grand Fire Trine between Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, and the North Node in Leo. This makes for a fiery, self-possession and inspirational flow for everyone to use to their advantage if aware. It is a rare and awesome experience when structure flows smoothly with non-structure. I would liken this to a volcanic eruption (non-structure) creating new lands (structure). Or, the energy of electricity flowing through the structure of wires to bring light into our homes.

On August 21st, for those of us with our Pluto position at 26-29 degrees Leo, power will be the topic and a tremendous influence in our charts. This is generational, and I feel that power is going to be a key theme for the next 6 to 8 months, in our personal lives as well as internationally. With Pluto being a generational planet, it is the house placement that is more telling individually for our age group with this conjunction to the Solar Eclipse.

Kari - solar eclipse aug21 2017 chart 2

Another important cosmic alignment with the Solar Eclipse is the conjunction with the star Regulus. Regulus is a bright blue star which resides at the end of the Leo constellation and is the closest bright star to the ecliptic plane. It represents qualities of revolution, bold energy, and righteousness, with a headstrong, warrior energy. Combine this with Uranus in Aries with the same sort of energy, and fireworks could be ignited! It is also indicative of leadership, rulership, and is called the “Star of Kings,” which makes sense in the royal sign of Leo the Lion. Regulus was rising along with the sign of Leo at the time of Donald Trump’s birth, giving it a natal conjunction (exact location) to his rising sign/ascendant which is also conjunct his Mars, the warrior, leadership planet. With the eclipse directly on all of this in Trump’s chart, we could see some disconcerting, fiery, military decisions and changes occurring with the United States government and our influence or position on the world stage, or possibly changes in his personal status as president.

Kari - Donald Trump's Birth Chart 3

Regardless of any malefic, catastrophic, or upsetting changes that may present themselves, keep in mind it is all with purpose and for our collective growth, as well as each of our individual soul’s growth. The trines make for eventual, if not immediate, potential for ease and flow and beneficial, long-term outcomes.

Be aware, alert, ready, and keep a positive frame of mind for positive manifesting.

Blessed be, dear fellow souls on Earth…

Written by Kari Trottier-Whitsitt


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