Horoscopes for the week of August 21st 2017

Wow, what a momentous week! Your horoscopes this week cover how this important total solar eclipse is likely to affect you. The light of the sun is blocked at a solar eclipse, offering an opportunity to sever the flow of energy that has fed patterns and relationships that no longer align with our destiny. The eclipse is an opportunity to reset. To tie the cords in a different place. To feed energy into new patterns that we choose with intention. Keep in mind that as the sun is blocked and mercury is retrograde, it’s likely that we don’t yet have all the information. If possible, stay flexible in your plans until mid-September. Keep in mind also, that in times of change, there is necessarily disorder, even chaos, in order to allow a new order to emerge. Let chaos be an opportunity to envision the future you desire.



Significant new beginnings in your creative development are on the horizon. How is your self-expression tied to your destiny–to your Work here on Earth? How can you infuse your most important work with joy, playfulness, and a sense of humor? Pay special attention to insights that seem to appear out of nowhere: you may just hear the whispers of your soul leading you toward your divine calling.



This eclipse signals shifts to your foundation, to your physical home as well as the structures in your deep mind that hold you. Sometimes we need to be uprooted in order to find a more stable foundation. Uncertainty is necessary for the manifestation process. Build your new foundation slowly, with care and intention, and with a long-term vision of the house it will hold, and how you wish to feel inside of it.



This eclipse activates and possibly confuses your communication channels. You may not be seeing something clearly or fully. Avoid making assumptions. Ask questions. It’s as if your wires of communication have been tangled (tangled with and by your history, your trauma). And now, you have an opportunity to see the tangles and lay the wires straight. How can your communication (to others as well as yourself) be more clear, honest, and compassionate?



There are rumblings in your area of worth, value, and material security. What do you need to feel secure in the physical world? It may not be money. Or if it is money, then consider what money provides. What role does community play in your security? Possible new sources of income or resources are coming your way.  Ensure that you feel deserving of abundance to open the pathways to them.



This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, this is your stage call. This is your time to finally fully embody your roaring, wild, warm, heart-centered Lion self. The rest of the world needs the warmth of your heart, your generous compassion, your courage, your playfulness, your fire. Let your light shine, brilliant lion. Let us hear you roar.



In your twelfth house, this eclipse stirs the depths of your mind. If you find yourself more than ever caught up in negativity, anxiety, and judgment, know that these patterns have been dredged up from your unconscious so that they can be released. You no longer need to accept those patterns as yours. See them. Know that they do not belong to you. Connect to silence, to spirit. Invite the new light to feed your spiritual life.



The total solar eclipse activates your 11th house of networks and friend groups. Some new venture with a group friends may be unstable. Harness the warmth of Leo, stay in your heart. You are meant to work with people who will work together to create powerful positive change. Don’t rush things. Consider where you belong. Work with people who see you, who get you, who encourage you to be you.



New opportunities are coming your way to align your career more fully with your destiny, to live your divine calling. The work you do in the world is importantly connected to humanity’s future. Envision your place within the whole. Keep in mind that you may not have all the information yet. Get quiet. You may just remember what you came here to do.



This eclipse offers you opportunities to expand your mind and clarify your worldview. What beliefs do you hold just because others around you hold them? Just because an idea is popular or held by a certain group, doesn’t mean it’s right, useful, or useful at this particular point in time. Be intentional in the beliefs you hold, they inform your reality, they shape the world.



The eclipse is an opportunity to reset your approach to intimacy. Something must end in order for something new to begin. Mourn your loss, make way for new light. When the Sun is blocked, consider what patterns you no longer wish to feed. When the Sun returns invite it to energize the new patterns of intimacy, communication, and connectedness that you’ve been tirelessly laying down.



This is an ending and the beginning of a new chapter. Some relationships may reach their conclusion and as difficult as that can be, it’s what will make space for new relationships —relationships that are tied to your destiny, relationships that will embody more evolved dynamics and higher vibrations. Pay special attention to the people you meet now and in the coming month. For what reason have they entered your life?



This eclipse signals a shift in lifestyle, in the way your structure your days. As humanity takes a giant leap toward our future, this is your opportunity to align yourself more fully with the new world, and with your own soul. Through living your days in harmony with spirit, through replacing routine with ritual, you can demonstrate to the rest of us how magical life can be.

Published by

Mystic Sandwich

Andi is an astrologer, writer, and yoga instructor based in Vancouver BC. As an astrologer she seeks to uncover the meaning underlying our experience. She believes astrology offers the medicine of a worldview in which Earth and Universe are understood as sacred, magical, and symbolic, and gestures to how we might live in harmony with nature’s rhythms. Andi’s offerings include private readings, event readings, workshops, and yoga classes. For more information, see her website, www.MysticSandwich.com.

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