Horoscopes for the week of August 28th 2017

As the eclipse energy continues to ripple through the collective, I hope you continue to receive insight around your purpose, your big dreams, your long term plans. The eclipse story isn’t over yet. While the Sun has moved on into Virgo, Mars and Mercury make a conjunction at the end of this week (September 3rd) right on the eclipse degree, reactivating the eclipse themes. And with Mercury still retrograde, we don’t yet have all the information. Mars conjunct Mercury on this degree speaks to courageously, boldly, going after your biggest dreams, speaking your truth, and sharing your vision with others, even as the details are still falling into place.


With all this energy in your house of romance, pleasure, and creative self-expression, I sure hope you’re enjoying the last days of summer. This energy is passionate, romantic, and playful. Next weekend is an opportune time to make your move–ask someone out, share your ideas for a creative new venture, speak your truth.



Mars conjunct Mercury on the eclipse degree may be an opportunity communicate assertively to your family, or to talk to a friend or counselor about your family and early childhood. It may also indicate a confrontation with family that will reveal some area that requires attention in order to make the most of the eclipse energy.



Harness Mars-Mercury to get the ball rolling. You have an important role as communicator and fire starter within a group of people around an innovative and inspiring long term project. Recognize that you wield fire with your words: use with care, use to inspire, to ignite, to initiate.



Go after what you want. You have an opportunity to increase the abundance in your life through a creative and long term career vision. Harness the Mercury and Mars conjunction to make your move: send that email, make that phone call, have that meeting. Put words to your deepest desires and biggest dreams.  



It’s a whole new world, Leo, is it not? Look back over the past year and recognize how far you’ve come. Look forward to the future of your wildest dreams and consider that you can make them real. It’s time to share your biggest, most creative dreams with others, to form collaborations, to work together to manifest your heart’s desires.



Have you glimpsed the momentous transformation that is stirring the depths of your mind? You are undergoing a deep alchemical purification, and yet it’s under the surface, so you may not be fully conscious of the magic taking place within you. Trust that you don’t need to understand fully what is happening; trust in the process. Have faith in the forces of the cosmos to guide you.



What is this exciting new collaborative project you are undertaking? If you aren’t yet sure, ready yourself for news, communications, offers, and opportunities from friends and acquaintances. Don’t rush the process. This is a long term undertaking. Use this time to clarify your vision, and to work out all the details before making any commitments.



You may be readying yourself to invest in a long term venture that is likely to completely alter your lifestyle. This is your calling. This is your destiny. This is your Work. While this is momentous, there is no rush. You are in it for the long haul. So take your time in this initial phase to carefully and lovingly iron out all the details.



What sort of new adventure are you setting out on? Whether you travel the world or your internal landscape, this voyage is likely to expand and restructure your understanding of the world. Education, philosophy, travel, and adventure are all ways to expand your mind and approach your personal truth.



This is a transformative time for you, one that may see shifts in your living situation, and endings and beginnings in intimate relationships. If it feels destabilizing, know that sometimes we are thrown from our course so that we can find a better one, one more suited to our soul. Keep your sights on where you are headed, and the universe will organize to help you there.



Seek to connect with like-minded souls who inspire you, who allow you to be and feel free, to be and feel like yourself. Stand up for yourself, speak your mind, say what you need to say. Harness the warrior spirit of Mars and communicativeness of Mercury to kindly, yet assertively speak your truth.



If you are seeking new work opportunities, now is the time to make your move. Mars conjunct Mercury in your area of work and service offers you the initiative to go after your desires and the assertiveness to speak your truth. With trines to your houses of income and career, this bodes well for both your finances and your satisfaction.

Published by

Mystic Sandwich

Andi is an astrologer, writer, and yoga instructor based in Vancouver BC. As an astrologer she seeks to uncover the meaning underlying our experience. She believes astrology offers the medicine of a worldview in which Earth and Universe are understood as sacred, magical, and symbolic, and gestures to how we might live in harmony with nature’s rhythms. Andi’s offerings include private readings, event readings, workshops, and yoga classes. For more information, see her website, www.MysticSandwich.com.

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