Back to School for Magickal Children

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled” – Plutarch

As the school year approaches, students and parents become busy in the bustle of back-to-school preparation from shopping, extracurricular activities, or just getting back into a more structured day after the holiday break. It is easy for life to become frenzied and demanding.

Whether you are a parent of small children, school-aged children or a student yourself, let’s explore some ways you can make sure to set the school year up for peace, ease, and success while adding a pinch of magic.

When you think about back-to-school you may consider books, pencils, and teachers. But what about magic? Surely if you are in the U.S., you may be thinking of the autumn colors and apple harvests. That feeling of the year can also include excitement, joy and the anticipation of magic ahead. Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere is an enchanted time; the Harvest Moon, approaching Samhain, and Yule for the feeling of family, community, and thankfulness are sure to stir you in your core.

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Call me a mama bear, but one of the first things I think of when it comes to my children is “protection.” Whether it’s traveling in the car or by bus, getting to and from school each day can be hectic and even anxious for parents, students, and small kids. Before you go stuffing pockets full of sage and painting sigils on book bags, here are some great protection blessings you can do as a family for safe travels to and from school each day (or work!).

Protection Blessing1: This is a great and simple spell/blessing that can be done with children at night. First choose a large candle to represent your child, yourself or the one you are protecting. Consider a white candle for protection (you can also carve a sigil, and infuse with oil for more potency and meaning). Carve into the candle the intended persons initial or name. This is a great opportunity to share the special nature of your child’s name with them and why you chose it, in addition to making the blessing all the more powerful. As you light the candle you can invoke the following chant with your child

Earth, air, sea, and wind

Bless my family and my friends

Power of love and hope and light

Protect me onwards through the night

Guard me against things that creep

Good spirits watch me as I sleep

By fire storm, earth, and sea

As I speak so mote it be

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Photo credit: Nubia Navarro

Creating a talisman2: Creating a talisman is an ancient practice that continues on even today. St. Christopher’s medals are still seen being carried for protection. You can always carry a totem of a specific deity in addition to having a talisman. Here is a simple craft for a talisman to stuff into a book bag or purse, modified for our purpose but based on the article by A.C. Fisher Aldag.


Yellow fabric bag




Watch for astrologically good times to put together a protection bag including a waxing moon or a Wednesday. Be sure to clear the materials of energy before you begin working with them by either sage-ing or using a shaman’s rattle to shake out the negative or residual energies.

In a yellow fabric bag, add the materials representing safe travel including dandelions, turquoise, and bird feathers. You can add any additional travel protection symbols; a suggestion is needle point sigil work into a pocket or extra piece of fabric or onto the yellow fabric bag.

You can add to the bag a written phrase or quote for travel protection written on a piece of paper or parchment. Simply stuff the written manifest into your talisman bag along with your other symbols of travel protection.

Once you have filled and satisfied your talisman you can charge it. Raise the energy of the bag by singing, chanting, anointing with oil, and setting into the sun for increased vibrations. Make your intent for the bag clear. Now your bag is ready to be added to a book bag, car or another item you take with you when you travel.

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Homework: Homework can be overwhelming for both the parent and the child. Creating a routine around homework time can surely be a win. Here are some great ways to keep sane during homework:

Homework aide potion – using essential oils in blends can help boost kids energy, focus, and clarity to dive in and get homework done.

A special homework aide blend I like is: Vetiver, Lavender, and Cedar wood – mix with our carrier oil and throw it into a roller ball.

Leaving the roller ball out at your designated homework area is sure to help any student put it on and finish homework with ease.

Meditation music – help your child write up a meditation script and meditate 5-10 minutes before homework time so that they are calm relaxed and okay to focus. Adding some grounding work after meditation may also help to keep them in their center and not too flighty. Kids love technology, so set up a homework time meditation music playlist to help set your child up for the right head space to get work done.

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Photo Credit: John Mark Smith

Energy Work: School is draining! There is no doubt about the fact that a school is an energy vacuum. Now is the time to sit down with your children and talk about energy work. As a parent, you should assess how much your child understands about energy but I would venture to guess they may already know more than you think.

There are so many people in a single school building working alongside each other all day. Add to that each individual’s energy levels and personalities that can make for a breeding ground of overwhelming, upset, energy leeching, and more. Talk with your child about creating an energy shield around them. Talk to them about positive energy, light, and high vibrational energy. The power of positivity is such a basic concept that you can help set great emotional, psychological foundation for your children especially if they are already energy sensitive.

Talk to them about negative energy and energy vampires and how to react if they feel that type of energy. My lion heart is a very sensitive soul and we have had teachers who were being energy vampires and they didn’t even know it. Especially in school-age children who are developmentally learning how to interact with their peers’ feelings of bullying and energy leeching should not be tolerated. A great way to start is by having the conversation. Next, work on shielding and bubbling techniques. Children are open and receptive to their mind’s eye as they have not been conditioned to ignore it yet. Talk about surrounding yourself within a bright white loving light and watching negative thoughts, words, and ideas bounce off when they meet the barrier. Throughout the year, come back to this conversation and reinforce shielding techniques.

Manifestation Box: When we talk about energy we also talk about manifesting. Manifestation is like little prayers, wishes, or karmic magnets. What we put out in the universe energetically comes back to us. Children are wonderful manifestors! This is a craft and activity you can do with your child to help them manifest their desires throughout the school year.


A container (wooden chest, glass jar, etc)

A sticky note pad (or pebbles)


Decorate a container of your choosing – there are cute wooden chests or glass jars. The container needs to be big enough to contain folded notes or pebbles. Once decorated, have your child (or yourself) put the container somewhere easily accessible put personal like a bedside table. Leave near the container a set of sticky notes with a pen for your child to write down their wishes, hopes, and dreams. They can then add the sticky note into the container. An alternative to paper if a child is too young for writing is to use glass pebbles (which can be purchased at any craft store). They simply hold on to the pebble infuse their wishes into the pebble and add it to the container.

For fun at the end of the year, you can bury or burn your wishes or read through them to show your child exactly what they manifested.


Written by Tracy Insight


1 The Magical Circle School Newsletter: November 2014, by Collen Criswell

2, A.C. Fisher Aldag

Published by


Writers from The School of Witchery

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  1. I love this! Thank you so much for these beautiful suggestions! My twins are only three, but they go to preschool on weekday mornings, so I can definitely put some of these ideas into action. Would love to read more about incorporating magick into young children’s lives!

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