ABRACADABRA – Voyage to Return to Your Center

Inhale. Feel it fill you. Spirit charges every part of you. It’s intoxicating. You are a being of light. You stand between the worlds; a being of magick. Stand strong. You are whole. You are loved. Now, with your heart full and open speak words that come from your soul. Let them dance across your lips with ease, yet full of power. The air that we breathe in, the air we exhale, the air we form into speech is as much Spirit as anything else. It’s a powerful tool for it is pure element.   It is all around us and within. Always. It is one of our very first experiences as we leave the womb. It carries us from this world to the next as we make our last exhale. This breath carries our soul. It is scientific fact that at the last exhale of our life, the physical body loses weight.

Keep Breathing…The Stillness Speaks…

When we meditate, we are finding stillness within so that we can see and so we can listen. We do this by focusing the breath, which then allows us to focus the mind. It is one of the keys to the Self and to the Mysteries.   We send away the ashes of our spells by breath and by wind.  We breathe in Spirit to begin our incantations. We chant. We breathe and send forward our charges.

How often we forget to simply breathe. Take a breath. Take a breather. Center yourself in Spirit within and without. It’s easy to get caught into the cyclone of life with all of its stress and burdens. We are living in heavy times, but within this heaviness, there is a call. This call is asking us, the magick makers and light bringers, the shadow dancers, to go with in.   Reconnect with the true Self. Reconnect with the Mother. Unlearn and relearn. Unlearn to allow yourselves space to remember. Remember how to live free of the fear we are fed. Free of the dogma, free of the hate and bigotry. It’s time to go back to the space where we REMEMBER that everything has soul. Nothing is stagnant, everything is evolving. Everything has a part in this Web of Wyrd, and we are all an event. A part of the big show. Once we fully realize this, we are awakened to so much more. Our perception will shift and we will begin to understand how our actions, the words we speak and the breaths we take in turn, are powerful.

ABARABADABRA. I create what I speak.

I would like to share with you this month, a meditation to connect you with your center.   It’s a meditation that I have learned and adapted into my regular practice to find my Soul center, or what some refer to as the home of the World Tree. Through our breath, we find it. It is from this place that I meet the divine within and without. It is a starting point, an anchor if you will, in a deep state of consciousness. Try to understand, that this space you are about to enter, and the tangible reality you are currently in, are the same. What you speak in this space, you make manifest here. What you witness in this space is happening here or happened before or will soon. When Spirit speaks, it is often in riddle or imagery that is symbolic. The message is very real nonetheless. In another layer, you are learning to see it and move with in it.

I highly recommend you begin a journal, if you haven’t already, to record your experiences in this space. Please, do not be discouraged if you struggle with this at first. With regular practice, it will come, I promise.

Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing, or skyclad. Remove foot wear. Let your hair down and be sure to have a small drink of water before you begin. Try to avoid a heavy meal prior to deep meditation.

Let us begin.

Meditation- Returning to Your Center

We start in a comfortable position. Take several long deep breaths, breathing into your pelvis. In on a slow count of 8, out on a slow count of 8. See the energy coming up from the earth and into you.  It fills your pelvis like a red balloon, expanding your lower belly and filling you with the earth’s power.   As you continue to breathe, carry this energy up through your center. Be sure to hold and acknowledge its presence in each of your energy points. Keep moving this energy up until it is flowing up and out of your crown, cascading over you and flowing back into the earth. Sit and breathe into this cycle of energy for some time until you see and feel it fully. If you feel called to, raise your arms up to shoulder level with your lower arms at 90 degrees to hold this energy and engage with it further.  This posture is known as Tree Pose in the shamanic traditions.

Now, with your centers fully opened, out loud, call into your space the Four Corners, and your guides. Ask them to be present and to guide you. State your intentions for entering this space. Feel their presence around you. You are protected and guided by the Unseen. You can call in who ever you need. If you wish to meet a certain deity, now is the time to call upon them. Speak from your heart. See your words flow from your lips with golden light. Every breathe you inhale and exhale has power and purpose.

The Voyage:

You find yourself standing at the banks of a black pond. You see your naked feet in the tall grass beneath you. The grass brushes softly against your legs, and the earth feels inviting. You are gazing into this pond of blackness. There are no ripples, no sun or moon reflecting above it. You can faintly see the outline of yourself. Shift your gaze into the pond so that you are looking through it now. You begin to see numbers deep below the surface. You begin to count down with them as they appear: 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.   The numbers disappear, and you are held in this darkness, feeling peaceful. You count down again, but this time in your mind only, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

You are now in a deep state of consciousness.

You begin to see the bank on the other side from where you are. It is not far; you can simply step over the water to its edge. You do so, and see before you, a giant white oak that reaches to the heavens. It radiates its own light. Its presence feels like that of an old friend, one you’ve known for all of your lifetimes.

You approach this tree, and lay your hands upon it. You feel the grooves of the bark beneath your fingers and palms as you run your hands along it.   You ask the tree to show you the way, and you notice a light coming through a crack in the bark. Slowly, this crack gives way to a portal you hadn’t seen before, and the light calls you in. You thank the tree and you enter the portal.

What does this space feel like? Be aware of it with all of your senses as you continue to walk forward.

This space gives way to an opening. You look back to see the tree behind you. It will always be there, and is your way home.

You stand now on the edge of a field surrounded by forest. In the center you can see a stone, you walk towards it. The soft meadow beneath your feet feels alive, and it is. You sense that everything is breathing. The blades of grass, the trees that surround you in the distance all move in a rhythmic breath. This is the breath of the Universe. The rhythm of the cosmos. You breathe with it and unify. You are at one and at peace. There is a gentle breeze as you walk and you notice there is a scent in the air. What is it? Allow this breath, this breeze, and this scent to wrap its arms around you.

You approach the stone and kneel before it. Carved into the stone is a symbol. Study it and know that you have always known this symbol. This is your power symbol and is the key to a deeper state of consciousness. A key to your remembering. With the middle finger of your dominant hand, you begin to trace this symbol slowly. As you do so, you feel yourself being pulled into it. You are engraving this symbol into your mind as it is engraved into this stone. You have reached the end of the symbol’s path.

You are fully present in this space.

You can feel a presence around you that wasn’t there before. You slowly look up.

What you experience from here depends solely on what you call forward. You may journey towards the trees, or perhaps, a being will come to you from the forest. Allow yourself to flow freely with what is being shown to you. Whatever you experience, learn to avoid analyzing it at that moment, but rather acknowledge it and collect the messages for later. Always be sure to thank Spirit for the gifts it presents to you.

The Return

No matter where you journey too, always be sure to return the exact way you came. Return to this stone, and thank it. Return to the tree, almost as if someone has pressed rewind. Return back through the portal, and thank the Tree. Cross the pond and begin to count up in our mind 1-13. See the numbers appear once more in the water from 1-12. Acknowledge the pond you stand before and close your eyes into darkness. Slowly begin to move your physical body and allow yourself time to fully return.  Thank and release the Four Corners and your guides, and anything else you called forward. If you casted a circle, close it respectively.

Be sure to eat a good protein after your meditation, and journal your experiences!

With practice this meditation will be a powerful tool for you in your discoveries of the Self and the vital relationship building with the powers around you.

May many, many blessings be upon you on your journey!

Seven Sisters


Penczak, Christopher (2014), The Living Temple Of Witchcraft, VOL1.The Descent of the Goddess, Published by Llewellyn Publications

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Hedge Rider, Boundary Crosser Wielder of Shadows, Communing with Spirit Bound to Them by blood and oath Within this flesh, I am Child and Priestess of the Old Ways A Canadian born Witch with British bloodlines, Melanie follows the path of Providence Traditionalism. Drawn to the Craft from a very young age, she began her studies in her teens. Through great darkness after the death of her mother, she rekindled the witch flame within herself and began to truly heal. Her studies also include British Traditional Craft, Tarot, Shamanism, Herbalism, and the art of Trance Journey. Owner and crafter of Seven Sisters, she aims to help others find themselves in their individual practice by offering her magick and knowledge gained through intense study and experience. Seven Sisters on IG @svensisters Facebook SevenSistersRitual SevenSistersRitual.etsy.com @myluckystar123

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