Horoscopes for the week of Sept 4 2017

We have a beautiful Full Moon in Pisces this week, exactly conjunct to Neptune which doubles the Piscean flavour: this is creative, romantic, dreamy, and mystical. Make sure you take some time this week to slow down and enjoy these sweet Piscean vibes. The Full Moon is inconjunct Venus in Leo, which asks for a minor adjustment in our relationships or financial situation, or perhaps our relationships to pleasure. Even amidst the romance and dreaminess, seek a more realistic understanding of the situation. Mercury stations direct this week, so stay tuned for insight around the meaning of this past few weeks of Mercury retrograde.


After several weeks of retracing your steps and working to clarify a new romantic partnership or your relation to pleasure and fun, there is one final adjustment to be made in your perception of the situation. Avoid overindulgence, and seek a more realistic understanding and gratitude for the situation as it is, and paradoxically unlock the doorway to your wildest dreams and deepest sensitivities.



Mercury back and forth in your house of home and family has been hammering in a lesson regarding how you feel at home in the world. There is one last teaching for you here: you are asked to bring your sense of home with you into the world, you are asked to reconcile your desires to hunker down at home with the social life that you seek. How can you both prioritize your home life as well as your social life? Take advantage of the sun in your house of creativity, pleasure, and romance for the next few weeks.



The Pisces full moon shines a light on your career and public presence. You’ve come a long way! Seek to balance your career with time at home, retreat, and rest. There’s one final lesson for you this week around communication: when it comes to your career and work life, what are you not saying, or how could say what you say differently in order to achieve the career situation you dream of?



You are coming to see firsthand the experiential meaning of love and compassion. It’s not just theoretical, but practical. You feel others, you are sensitive to their suffering. This makes you compassionate, but make sure you maintain a healthy sense of personal boundaries. Don’t drown in the sea of other people’s feelings. Keep coming back to yourself and aim to discern which feelings are yours, and which don’t belong to you.



The Pisces full moon brings the focus to your most intimate and involved relationships. You are asked to adjust the way you perceive yourself, or perhaps your relationship to desire, in order to more deeply unlock all the compassion, sensitivity, romance, and genuine love that are on offer for you in this area of your life.



The full moon in Pisces brings tenderness and compassion to your relationships, but may have you stretched between your own needs and those of your friends and partners. Access the deep compassion and sensitivity toward others that the moon conjunct Neptune offers. But don’t sacrifice yourself or your own needs–that doesn’t help others in the long run anyway. Seek to understand the not fully conscious beliefs that keep you neglecting yourself for the sake of others.



The Pisces full moon brings light to your work life and daily routine. Allow for feelings, dreams, and imagination to have a place within your everyday. Venus calls for some adjustment regarding your relation to your social networks, your use of social media, or the groups you belong to. Harness your sensitivity and compassion even in relation to people you are not very close to. Avoid deception and maintain clear boundaries.



This is a beautiful, dreamy, and romantic full moon for you Scorpio. Take some time this week to do something you love, to create, or be in nature. Unleash your romantic side. Venus calls for an adjustment in the way you relate to your career, your career finances, or people you encounter when doing your work. Seek the highest expression of Venus-Neptune: tender, imaginative, sensitive, mystical, creative.



The Pisces Full Moon brings sweet, mystical vibes to your home life. This is a wonderful week for taking a little more time to slow down at home, to rest, dream, and be creative. Your work life will benefit from enjoying your time at home. Venus calls for an adjustment regarding your beliefs around finances and/or relationships: what assumptions do you hold that keep you from feeling comfortable, and at home in the world?



The Pisces Full Moon lands in your house of communication, spelling a magical week for your interactions and mental life. Your mind will be lit up with creativity, tenderness, dreams, imagination, and sensitivity. Venus is asking for some adjustment in your understanding or valuing of finances, particularly when they come from other people as a gift, loan, inheritance, etc. Seek to understand how your semi conscious beliefs and assumptions affect your financial situation.



The Pisces Full Moon brings the possibility of financial gain, and shines a light on your values, your self-worth, and your financial situation. Harness the Moon-Neptune conjunction to access your biggest dreams regarding material abundance. How do you want to feel? What do you value? How do your personal relationships and partnerships impact your financial situation? Venus asks for an adjustment in your understanding of the connection between relationships and finances.



You have a beautiful, dreamy, mystical Full Moon in your sign this week, Pisces. This week, you have an opportunity to really do you: slow down, rest, dream, create, feel, imagine. Venus asks for an adjustment in the way you relate to your work situation and your daily schedule. Do you think you need to be busy or productive all the time? What is keeping you from fully enjoying your Piscean nature?

Published by

Mystic Sandwich

Andi is an astrologer, writer, and yoga instructor based in Vancouver BC. As an astrologer she seeks to uncover the meaning underlying our experience. She believes astrology offers the medicine of a worldview in which Earth and Universe are understood as sacred, magical, and symbolic, and gestures to how we might live in harmony with nature’s rhythms. Andi’s offerings include private readings, event readings, workshops, and yoga classes. For more information, see her website, www.MysticSandwich.com.

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