Spirit-Scapes and the Dark Harvest Moon: A Beginner’s Guide to Ancestral Communion in Autumn

Set your intention, Prophetess, for these are the days of the primal feminine dark when the holy veil is so thin you can hear your grandmother’s ghost shouting for you to listen and listen closely. The waning Harvest Moon is a fertile time for ancestral communion and spirit guide work; all of nature is calling you into the shadowy mists and bidding you become the hooded wolf-woman of your dreams, begging you to resurrect the parts of the ethereal, omniscient feminine that have been objectified and oppressed. Your intuition is heightened, and you embody the Crone-Priestess archetype in your magick, your divination, and your so valuable, so sacred work. Know that your guides are not tools to be used, nor is their advice to be blindly followed without your keen discernment. Respect these wise ones who have chosen to hold you with their spectral hands while you walk this soul’s path in this body, show them that you hear them, and hone one of the deepest and most potent forms of your Craft under Autumn’s Witching Moons.

Carve out three consecutive nights before the dark Harvest Moon to work with one guide only. Set the intention for your guide to be an ancestor you have known in this life, but be open to receiving the messages that will come. Do not limit yourself by seeking only the advice of the soft-breasted elder who whispered stories to you while you slept as a babe, for she may not come. Do not become an unwitting obstacle to your own growth by refusing to listen to the unexpected or demanding to know too soon what you are not yet meant to understand. Spirit guide work is a humble Craft. Go into this path-working experience willingly and with perfect trust, ideally sinking into it while you are just on the cusp of sleep, and leave your expectations on the top-side world.

Night 1:

Imagine yourself in a place you remember from the Autumns of your childhood; this is a place where you felt safe, held by the sacred before they told you what sacred meant, and a place where you felt completely and wholly free to get lost in the spiral dance of nature. Be here with all of your senses. Let the colors be vibrant and the scents be invigorating. Breathe this place in, and let it breathe you. Do not let your mind dilute the experience by telling you it is not real; in this moment, let it be so real that it is the only thing that exists. Immerse yourself in the memory. Give yourself over to the deep experience of nature’s profound release.

When you feel ready, imagine yourself moving through this childhood place, slowly and with purpose. With every step on this holy ground, an emerald green light begins to ascend from under the bottoms of your feet and slowly starts to surround your whole body. This is your shield. Walk in protection now and leave the familiar behind. As you walk, go into unfamiliar territory, a place that you may remember but not well, a place you may be conjuring up altogether; it does not matter. In this new place, you find an overgrown temple. Explore its outer foundations now, and see if anything has been left for you there. Are there words or symbols carved into its walls? Is there a totem left near the door?

Go inside when you feel it is time, protected by the emerald green vibrations and affirming you have a right to be here. Find the temple’s inner sanctum, and, there, find the ancestor who has been waiting for you. If you feel the connection is strong, ask your guide what they would like to be called, and ask your guide if they can offer you a symbol of their energy; this may come as a sound, image, object, or in another form, or it may not come at all. Have patience, bid your guide farewell for now, and leave the inner sanctum, the temple, the unfamiliar territory. As you walk back to your familiar childhood place, your green shield begins to fall away as you gift it to the ground with every step. Find yourself back home. Thank your guide by name, and, just for tonight, drift to sleep.

Night 2:

On this second night, move through the pathworking experience just as before, beginning in the childhood place, shielding yourself on your walk to the temple, and finding your guide within the inner sanctum. Know that another guide may choose to present themselves, and this fine. Surrender to the experience, and trust you will be offered only the messages that are meant for you right now. Go close to your guide this time, and ask them what you need to know most right now, at this point in your life. You may not get a clear answer, or your answer may come in the form of an image rather than words. Ask your guide for a sign they are with you, a signal of sorts they can give you the next day, and, when ready thank them and begin to move out of the inner sanctum, the temple, back to your childhood’s holy ground as before. If you feel you may not remember what you have been shown, record your experience in a journal before falling into sleep. Importantly, the following day, if you see any indication of the symbol, verbally offer your guide gratitude, ideally aloud and by name. We want proof that our guides are present, and they want proof that we are listening; do not take your ability to give them the proof they are seeking for granted, and their messages will grow louder and more accessible.

Night 3:

On this final night, move through all stages of the pathworking experience, being open to whatever changes may arise on this night. When you find your guide, give yourself over to a dialogue with them. Ask whatever questions you like, knowing they may not answer, and see if you can begin to tune into the actual sound of their voice. If they do not communicate with words, then see if you can work with the images or other forms of information you are being given. You may simply know the answers to your questions, or you may be given symbols from which meaning must be carefully discerned. Learn the language your guide is speaking, but know this takes practice. This is where the real work begins, for you must learn to attune your vibration to a higher frequency. You become more subtly sensitive to what most human beings easily ignore, and you learn to see in the dark without squinting or questioning yourself.

Witches want proof, my love. Do not feel, not for one second, that you are not cut out for the Craft because you ask too many questions or refuse to be blindly faithful in a new practice. The condemnation of curiosity under the guise of faith is how other religions retain their power, but not Witchcraft. Ours is a path of autonomous will and energetic skill. Permit the unseen forces to rise to your aid, but remember the power to affect change in your world is yours. Even as the veil thins and the days grow short, you are the majestic Creatrix who is divining the future into being.


Written by Danielle Dolsky /Instagram @wolfwomanwitch

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Danielle Dulsky Danielle Dulsky is a longtime activist for wild woman spirituality and the divine feminine’s return. She is the author of Woman Most Wild: Three Keys to Liberating the Witch Within (New World Library, 2017), a multimedia artist, yoga teacher and teacher trainer, energy worker, and Witch, Danielle is on a mission to inspire women to be fearless creators of their own sacred work, to reclaim the name Witch, and to integrate ritual and magick into their daily lives. As a continuing educator provider and teacher trainer for Yoga Alliance, Danielle teaches creative movement alchemy, conscious body-prayer, and yoga as living ritual. Danielle leads Witchcraft workshops, women’s circles, councils, and yoga teacher trainings nationwide and in the United Kingdom. She believes all women who are alive today are meant to be instrumental in supporting positive social transformation by enacting their spiritual agency, cultivating a kinship with nature and Her elements, and liberating their inner wild woman. Website: http://DanielleDulsky.Com Facebook Page: Danielle Dulsky (@WolfWomanCircle) Instagram: WolfWomanWitch

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