The Autumnal Equinox

The Autumnal Equinox occurs September 22nd this year at 4:02 p.m. Eastern Time Zone, and, in the Northern Hemisphere, marks the first day of fall. The Equinox signifies the moment the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator and there is near equal length of daytime and nighttime. It is also the exact moment in which the Sun enters the sign of Libra. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is exactly opposite, and this date and time signify the Vernal Equinox, and consequently, the first day of spring.


(The graphic image above hows the seasonal cycles of Equinox and Solstice dates in the North and South Hemispheres.)

The Fall Equinox is a MIDPOINT in the astrological year and stationed at one of the key angles in the natural zodiac chart on the Cusp of the 7th House, ruled by Libra. The beginning of the astrological year is the Spring Equinox at the 1st House Cusp of Aries. What does all of this mean? It is now the time of year to take stock and harvest all of the blessings brought about from the seeds planted at the initial cycle of the Spring Equinox. This is a time of balance. We are at the fulcrum of light and dark, Yin and Yang, Female and Male. Libra is a Male sign ruled by Feminine Venus. Libra is all about balance. It is, after all, the sign of the scales. The Sun in Libra offers an energy of love, fairness, and taking everything into consideration in order to make the most informed and balanced decisions. The Earth is full and vibrant and at the end of the growing season, just before it begins to rest and renew. Colors are becoming shockingly brilliant, while at the same time releasing their grip, drying and scuffling along the ground, ready to settle and decay. Life and Death are seen at once. Light and dark play together in equality and dance at the dawn and dusk between the fullness of their essence. We can do the same. Embrace every aspect of being. With the energies of Libra, we are also shifting from an inner awareness of the outer world to an outer awareness of the outer world. We are emerging from ourselves and realizing our effect on others and how we can contribute to the world. It is a time of relating and partnering and stepping outside ourselves. A balancing act between self and others is called for at the Equinox. It is a transition point to a focus on others. A beginning of maturation and emergence. A time of relating. We are coming from the Virgo intention of, “I serve,” to the Libra, “Let’s partner and serve together.” We are transitioning from a busy, blooming, and buzzing time to a gathering, listening, cooperating time of harvest, preparing for the Winter Solstice of icy, Saturn-ruled Capricorn in late December, which returns us to the personal sphere of outer focus – an inner awareness of the outer world.

We have had quite an astrologically “stimulating” year thus far in 2017 with multiple and simultaneous retrogrades, all along with an intense Total Solar Eclipse in August, of which we are still in the energetic throes of! Remember, the eclipse brought an influence and impetus for sudden stop-frame, reconsider, redo/do-over energy. With the Fall Equinox, we can all take a deep breath and feel a delicious balancing of energies. Take advantage of this calming equilibrium and float for a moment in relaxation, beauty, and balance. This will prime us for incorporating the energy of change that is spinning all around us in the best possible way.

To get a more exact feel for this solar transit into the sign of Libra, look at your birth chart and find where 0° of Libra lands in your chart. The Sun is currently in that particular house of your chart and is where you will feel these balancing energies of the equinox most strongly. You can obtain a free birth chart from Astrolabe . It is essential to have the exact time of birth, as it sets your rising sign and house placements.

0°Libra in the 1st House: You will feel the balancing of self and others. Libra in your first house gives you a demeanor of balance, grace, fairness and ease of relating with others. Take the time during the equinox to tune into your personal light and shadow and balance these yin and yang forces to enhance your personality.

0°Libra in the 2nd House: You will feel the equinox balancing energy in regard to your values, self-esteem, and personal resources. Each year at this time, you are energized to develop your resources, be it talent, money, or property and embrace what you value in life to the fullest. You will be asked to balance your physical desires with self-mastery over these desires. Master the desires rather than them mastering you.

0°Libra in the 3rd House: You will be balancing your communication and thinking in regard to your immediate environment and that of a broader viewpoint. The opposites of near and far, local and foreign. It is about connecting and expanding that connection. Fairness and equality in communication is important to you. You will be emboldened to speak out with grace, gentleness, and consideration.

0°Libra in the 4th House: You will be balancing the energies of home and work, nurturing and authority, the yin/yang energy of mother/father. This is a great time to beautify your home and create a haven of balance and love. You will also float in the waters of personal unconscious forces and ancestral influence. Acknowledge the light and shadow side of your psyche.

0°Libra in the 5th House: The Sun in Libra is in the house ruled by the Sun. This is a time of creative self-expression for you. You will feel a balancing of love given and love received. You will present yourself with charm and grace as you step onto center stage. Balance your need for recognition and love from others with self-recognition and love for exactly who you are, as you are.

0°Libra in the 6th House: Libra here asks you to balance your drive for perfection and specificity with a softer, go-with-the-flow approach. This is the house of health and fitness, and the Sun’s position here each year for you adds vigor. Balance action with rest for optimal health. Ease into the transition of seasons with self-care.

0°Libra in the 7th House: The Equinox influence here is peaceful, loving, and harmonious. This is the natural house of Libra, and the Sun shines its glory here. Each year at this time, your focus is on relationship and partnering. Balance your focus on other’s needs with your own needs.

0°Libra in the 8th House: The Equinox solar influence, here, takes you to the depths of your psyche. It is especially important for you to balance the light and dark aspects of the deepest parts of yourself. You feel an urge toward transformation and letting go; death and rebirth. Balance the holding on and the letting go. This season for you, each year, is a time of deep feeling, soul-searching, and diving into the unknown.

0°Libra in the 9th House: This time of year, you feel like broadening your horizons. You are drawn to studies, travel, meeting people with various and foreign viewpoints to your own. The Equinox asks you to balance moderation and overdoing. Enthusiasm is high, and you can easily get carried away. Utilize the cerebral expertise of the Libra mentality to reign it in a bit and strike that balance.

0°Libra in the 10th House:   Each year at this time, your focus is on the outer aspects of your life, specifically your career, reputation and achievements. The balancing energies of the Equinox here ask you to balance career and home, as well as your inner and outer life. You approach the outer world like an iron fist in a velvet glove. Balance hard and soft, authority and cooperation, work and pleasure.

0°Libra in the 11th House: The Equinox influence here turns your attention to groups, common causes, and friendships. You will feel the balancing energy of self-expression and cooperative-expression. It is a time of working together with others to accomplish and engender good will. You are well-liked by your circle of friends and they can count on your fairness.

0°Libra in the 12th House: Each year at the Fall Equinox, you turn inward to your subconscious and discover how it directs your life in ways you are not aware of. Mysticism and spirituality have a distinct draw on you in the fall, and meditation, prayer, and psychic development are excellent endeavors. Balance the physical world with the spiritual world and your conscious with your subconscious.

By Kari Whitsitt-Trottier


Astrolabe. (2017). Free Birth Chart & Astrology Report. Sourced from


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