Honoring the Ancient in The Present – Making Time to Heed the Call

Allow me to get personal for a minute. I’m a single mother of two very busy, very sensitive little girls. I run a small business as well as work a full time job and another freelance job. On top of all of that, I am called to follow this path of deep devotion and let’s face it, that takes work too.   Feeling drained is a constant battle. Even though I know that the more I surrender to this (insane) flow that I find myself in, the easier it will all be. Like the salmon that swims upstream, I HAVE to keep going. The more I take time… rather, MAKE time for my practice, the better I will feel. Not unlike maintaining a regular fitness routine, exercising our mind, soul and spirit has all of the advantages.

I hear time and time again of people wanting to make more time for their spiritual practices, but the list of excuses are endless. At the end of the day, we are the only ones accountable for our self-neglect. So we don’t take the time to sit at least a few times a week. We let the dust on our journals and grimoires collect. We begin to feel a deep loneliness and we feel lost. When we take time for our practices, our cups become full of all the good things; we begin to feel supported in our day-to-day lives thus our ability to handle stress becomes much stronger. We sleep better and dream clearer. Our psychic abilities improve. Our ability to communicate with our familiars and guides becomes bulletproof.  We literally vibe higher! I cannot stress enough how important it is to listen to that little voice you hear that tells you to go to the forest, or sit and write for a while. That feeling of the darkness pulling you to your altar late at night. Just like myself at this very moment, who was on her way to bed and had to come write this article and get Spirit’s message out on paper.

It doesn’t have to be monumental daily activities to keep you in spiritual check. I’ve compiled here a list of a few easy practices that have really helped me to stay connected. I’m not saying I don’t fall off from time to time. Sometimes our plates are just plain overflowing. It’s about how your recover from those lemons life tosses at you and how you bring yourself back to your center, back to YOU and your practice.

  1. Automatic Writing

If you haven’t already started one, I want you to go out today and get a journal. Once a day, be it morning or night, pick up that pen and write. Just write whatever comes to you. Just keep writing. Not only does this help you release unnecessary thoughts that no longer serve your highest good, it also helps you work through things that could very well be blocking you in some way. As time goes on, and your mind becomes clearer, you may find yourself guided by Spirit to write quite often. These sessions of channeling will become a powerful tool for you in your practice, full of insight and inspiration.

  1. Meditation… or Mini Meditation Minutes…

Take 10 minutes at least twice a week to sit and be still. Ideally we want to sit everyday and go deep into it a few times a week, but don’t beat yourself up if that’s just not your reality. What your reality right now is will most certainly change in the future. If scheduling time to meditate is just not something you can do at the moment, at least take a few moments to pause when you hear the call to listen. Acknowledge that you hear it.   If this experience for you is anything like it is for me, the more I ignore it or put it off, the louder it gets. Take a minute to just close close your eyes, breathe deeply, and say Thank You. Trust that space will present itself soon to allow you to fully get into the meditative flow. But be sure to take it when it does. The dishes can wait.

  1. Spend Time with Trees

This is so simple, yet so huge for our healing and connectivity. Whether you are a city dweller or you are lucky to live in a rural area, find the trees. Maybe change up your walk to work so you can pass through a park. Take your lunch break outside. Open your awareness to the trees, watch them breathe and listen to them. They have so much to teach us and can truly heal us instantaneously. Thank them and honor them often. I like to leave gifts for the tree spirits that I make by hand (really so simple as a figure or symbol I’ve quickly crafted out of grass or fallen sticks, or a special rock found on the way) thank the tree by laying your hands on it for a few minutes and give it loving energy. The trees are a monumental source of life, and with roots running into the earth and branches that reach to the sky, they are profoundly connected to The All.

  1. Daily Affirmations or Prayer

Upon my initiation, I received a prayer that I still to this day recite very often if not daily. I feel it charge me every time I use it, as it affirms my role as priestess and child to the Unseen, and affirms my dedication to my path and those that guide me. It takes only a few minutes (if not less) and all you have to do is speak from your heart with sincerity. That’s it. It’s that simple.

  1. Light your Altar

If you are home, light your altar.  Your altar is the place in your home in which you hold space for your practice.  It’s important to keep it well-maintained.  When we light our candles and burn our incense with prayer and intention, it’s like turning the light on in you “spiritual house,” letting Them know you are still present.  It literally takes just a minute to do so.  It’s the fact that you remember to do so that is important, not how elaborate of a ritual it is.

The current of life is just that… an ebb and flow.  Be patient with yourself.  Treat yourself with kindness and remember that even though you feel like your power level is near zero at times, even the moth isn’t in full flight for his whole life.  He too had to lay dormant for a while to grow his wings.  Sometimes we feel brand new and green to the world of magick. Sometimes we feel as though we’ve fallen off course.  Or perhaps the fall off is necessary…It’s all a cycle, the little death that always leads to rebirth.

Blessings to you all.

Seven Sisters,



Starhawk (2011) The Spiral Dance, Published by HarperOne

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Hedge Rider, Boundary Crosser Wielder of Shadows, Communing with Spirit Bound to Them by blood and oath Within this flesh, I am Child and Priestess of the Old Ways A Canadian born Witch with British bloodlines, Melanie follows the path of Providence Traditionalism. Drawn to the Craft from a very young age, she began her studies in her teens. Through great darkness after the death of her mother, she rekindled the witch flame within herself and began to truly heal. Her studies also include British Traditional Craft, Tarot, Shamanism, Herbalism, and the art of Trance Journey. Owner and crafter of Seven Sisters, she aims to help others find themselves in their individual practice by offering her magick and knowledge gained through intense study and experience. Seven Sisters on IG @svensisters Facebook SevenSistersRitual SevenSistersRitual.etsy.com @myluckystar123

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