February 2018 Horoscopes

While the total lunar eclipse in Leo happened at the end of January, we’ll continue to feel its effects ripple through February and beyond–eclipses are by far the most powerful of all astrological events. This eclipse encourages the merging of mind and heart, asking us to joyfully work toward the good of all. Eclipses block out the light, suggesting there is something we aren’t seeing clearly. With Leo, it’s bound to be our ego. We’re asked to investigate how our ego gets in the way and keeps us from expressing love. The partial solar eclipse in Aquarius on the 15th offers a counterbalance to the Leo eclipse, encouraging a healthy degree of detachment and objectivity: how can we live from the heart without getting swept away by passion, ego, or drama?


Aries, at heart you are the embodiment of courage. And one of the most courageous acts is to see ourselves clearly; to own up to the ways in which we are less than perfect, and also to acknowledge our hidden gifts. You have every right to pleasure, but is it possible that the way in which you’ve been satisfying your desires is more ego-laden than you’d thought? The difficult talk is to discern healthy from unhealthy indulgence without getting caught up in guilt and judgement. Have the courage also to see your own creative genius. And then get to work expressing your one-of-a-kind soul in the most passionate, beautiful, and creative way that you can.



The ego is shaped in early childhood, in response to our primary caregiver and the household we were born into. The ego forms as a way to protect us, as an adaptation to survive the sometimes chaotic, sometimes unkind world. And now in adulthood, some of those reactionary mechanisms that were so necessary to our survival can interfere with our happiness, our ability to share our gifts and Work with world, and to live peacefully with housemates, partners, and family. There is some truth about yourself that is asking to be revealed. When you glimpse it, be kind to yourself–you were doing what you needed to do to survive. But now it’s time to grow out of reaction and into response.



Many spiritual traditions teach that we are not our thoughts. We are not even the thinker of our thoughts–rather, we are the infinite, ineffable consciousness–so much bigger, so much more magical than the mind, thought, language. Thought is useful–when we don’t identify with it. Take a step back. Observe your thoughts. Get to know your own mind by watching it. Learn how to keep from getting drawn into the cycling of thought. Stay in your body, stay in your soul, stay in your heart. The more you practice this, the more you will learn to discern which thoughts stem from ego, and which ones grow from love.



You need security, stability, a solid foundation. You need to know you are safe. You need to trust those close to you with your deep, inner emotions. But true and lasting security is a spiritual act, not a material one. No matter how much money we make, or whether we own our own home, or whether we have insurance coverage, or how many prize possessions we own–we’ll never feel completely comforted. Put your trust in the universe and you will be taken care of. Believe in abundance that can manifest in a multitude of creative ways, and discover the joy of a truly rich life.



You have truly magical gifts to offer the world. You are deeply creative, you are a performer, a joker, a king, a queen. You are here to shine your light, to bring more joy and laughter to the world. Leo energy is a big responsibility. The attention a Leo draws can easily corrupt the soul. Know that your creativity is not yours; it’s the energy of the universe flowing through you. Know that your charisma belongs to the Sun. Accept praise and criticism with grace, knowing that it’s not really about you anyway.



Is some difficult to discern truth welling up from the depths of your unconscious? What have your dreams been telling you? Tune in to the symbolic layer of reality. Nothing is truly mundane; there is spiritual significance to everything, archetypal resonance to the most banal affairs. To gain self-knowledge, and self-mastery requires venturing into the dark depths of the psyche. The secret to staying safe in the darkness, is to keep the flame in your heart alive, to stay in love. Then whatever dragons you meet down there will reveal to you your riches.



Your social life is important to you. You want so badly for everyone to get along. And perhaps you want to keep the peace to such an extent that sometimes you’re not entirely honest. You may not lie, outright. But withholding information, smoothing things over, hiding your true feelings–these are all forms of dishonesty. I know you mean well. You don’t want your loved ones to worry about you when you’re down. You don’t want to hurt people by telling them you’re angry, hurt, jealous, sad. But keeping the peace on the surface only causes more turmoil in the long run. Come clean, say it like it is, be direct even if it ruffles some feathers. You’ll find deeper peace in the long run.



If you could only get out of your head, Scorpio, your career would soar. Keep your ego out of it. Your success has nothing to do with you. You are meant to serve the greater good from a place of love and detachment. All your strategizing and analyzing will only take you so far. At the end of the day, it’s love, creativity, and joy that will take you to new heights. And wow do you have at your disposal immense depths of love and passion to bring to bear to the Work you have to share. Envision how you wish to serve the collective, ask to be of service, and release attachment to the outcome. When you stop caring who shows up, who listens, who follows you, or likes you–that’s when you’ll really come into your own.



You’ve journeyed far and wide to come to your particular view of the world. You’ve worked harder than most to question everything, to release assumptions, to overcome conditioning, to build your philosophy from the ground up. You know what is true for you. And that is beautiful. But don’t stop there. Don’t let your structure harden. Keep at it. Keep questioning, keep revising your foundation, keep wondering, learning, and growing. Beware of thinking you have it all figured out, or that you know the truth. Those are thoughts that would have us grow old. The beautiful thing about this journey you’re on is that there is no end to it.



You have many responsibilities. You accomplish much. But if you don’t take the time to soften into intimacy, what is it all for? Boundaries are necessary, but have they become too restrictive? It takes great courage to open the heart, to let others in, to let yourself in. Start by finding intimacy with yourself; look into your soul, hear your truth, acknowledge how you really feel, access your vulnerability. And then, if you so desire, let other people in as well. Release those ego parts of you keeping you from connection.



Every soul is unique–but you; especially so. You have little patience for conformity or the status quo. And what a beautiful thing that is. You model for others how they too might be more themselves. But there is risk in being a nonconformist: what happens when what you believe is what others believe? When what you like is what others like? What happens in those instances when you find that you are actually NOT so different? Are you able then to be true to yourself by following the crowd? By not standing out? By accepting the status quo? The irony is that to be a true rebel means sometimes not rebelling at all.



Sometimes, the most spiritual acts are the most mundane. Spiritual wholeness means taking care of business, going to work, running errands, paying the bills, going to the gym, visiting the doctor, living daily life–while maintaining an eye for the symbolic, staying present in the body, acting from love, practicing equanimity. Daily life can be one of the most profound spiritual practices. You have a knack, Pisces, for staying in the heart, for understanding that we are all ultimately one. Now work to integrate that knowing into ordinary life.


Published by

Mystic Sandwich

Andi is an astrologer, writer, and yoga instructor based in Vancouver BC. As an astrologer she seeks to uncover the meaning underlying our experience. She believes astrology offers the medicine of a worldview in which Earth and Universe are understood as sacred, magical, and symbolic, and gestures to how we might live in harmony with nature’s rhythms. Andi’s offerings include private readings, event readings, workshops, and yoga classes. For more information, see her website, www.MysticSandwich.com.

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