How To Be A Witch On A Budget

Being a witch can get pretty expensive at times.

Sometimes, you have to think twice before choosing to buy a fancy crystal or an elaborately carved candle stand or a new prettier notebook for your grimoire. Sometimes, you may run out of witchy supplies right when you need it the most and you have to dash to the nearest thrift store or the supermarket to restock your candles, incenses and spices. Perhaps there’s a major spell you want to perform and the phase of the moon is just right- but you’re still saving up for all the ingredients. Or maybe you’re just a baby witch, recently initiated to the Craft and you’re overwhelmed by the sheer variety of tools and materials that you need.

Well, I’m here to tell you that witchcraft need not burn a hole in your wallet. You can be a pretty successful witch without spending a fortune on tarot decks or crystals. What really matters when you’re about to do magic, is the intent, and as long as you are sincere and serious about your desires, you will always find a way to manifest them. So never let the lack of financial or other resources keep you from becoming who you truly are.

These tips below will show you how you can be a witch on a budget and still cast some powerful spells.

1. Substitute Colors With White:

Of course, it’s always advisable to stick to the color correspondences when you’re performing a spell, but it’s also perfectly alright if you don’t have a pink or red candle to do some love magic on a Friday night. Count on your powers of visualization, and substitute a white candle instead.

  1. Reuse Candles:

As it’s not feasible for me to buy fancy candles regularly, I often end up reusing them. Of course, a lot of people say that once you’ve used a candle for a spell you should not use it again, but I disagree. Instead of letting them burn out, I snuff them, and before I use it again, I make it a point to cleanse and charge it with energy anew.

3. Buy Cheap Unscented Candles:

Of course, you’ll always be tempted by those customized exotic-smelling candles in Mason jars, but for general purposes, a plain pack of simple unscented candles or cheap tealights is more than enough. Just remember to charge them with intent before burning them.

4. Use Clear Quartz In Place Of Any Other Crystals:

Just as white is the best substitute color for anything, similarly clear quartz can also be used as a substitute for any crystal. While building a crystal collection may seem like a fulfilling but daunting prospect, you do not have to do it right away and just make do with whatever you have.

5. Consider Making Your Own Witchy Supplies:

The internet is rife with DIY tutorials on almost anything. So if you want, you can simply purchase the raw materials and make magical stuff for yourself- candles, scented soaps, sigils and so on. Visit craft stores regularly for charms, glitter and other supplies that may come in useful.

6. Buy (Or Make) A Plain Notebook And Accessorize It:

You can apply this DIY approach to your Book of Shadows as well. To make one you can either use an old notebook or if you have a stack of A4 or unwritten pages, you can stitch them together and bind with cardboard to make a notebook of your own. Then you can accessorize and personalize it, in any way you wish.

7. Use A Deck Of Playing Cards For Fortune Telling:

If you don’t have a tarot or oracle deck, relax because you aren’t really missing out on much. Even an ordinary deck of playing cards can double up as a mini Tarot deck minus the Major Arcana and some Court Cards.

8. Print Or Make Your Own Tarot Deck:

Some of the Tarot decks with exquisite art can get quite expensive, so you can always buy cardstock and print your preferred Tarot images on it or draw and paint them yourself. In fact, I myself printed out the Thoth deck for personal use and just when I was familiarizing myself with it, my friends surprised me by gifting me an actual Thoth deck.

9. Invest In The Basics:

Every witch needs some basic supplies- candles, some crystals, common herbs, and so on. Make sure you have all the materials to represent the four elements, such as feathers for air, salt/mud for earth, tap or drinking water for water, plain candles for fire and so on. A lot of the materials can be found in the kitchen or in and around the house.

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Recycle:

Remember, waste not and want not. So the next time you chuck something into the bin, ask yourself if you can reuse the item in any way. Old sachets and bags can be great for storing herbs and talismans, old containers and jars can be used to make “Spell Jars” and even discarded A4 sheets can be used for sigils or origami. Keep an eye out for natural objects like rocks, shells, and feathers or even for curious found objects.

11. Make Emoji Spells:

These don’t cost at all and can be great fun to do. In fact, you can even consider exploring other aspects of tech witchcraft- such as getting a digital grimoire on Pinterest, having a virtual altar and so on.

12. Live Mindfully And Magically:

Magic isn’t just about casting spells- simple everyday acts can be magical too. Talk a walk in nature. Stir your drink clockwise. Wish upon a shooting star. Spray some lavender before you sleep. Talk to your pet rocks like they’re your friends. Be aware of the magic and interconnectedness of each passing moment and be grateful for it.

13. Meditate Everyday:

You don’t get to be a good witch based on the number of spells you perform or the number of sabats you observe. Even when you can’t make time for your craft, make it a point to spend at least a few minutes every day meditating or doing some breathing exercises to center yourself or just practice your visualization skills.

14. Write Sigils On Paper Scraps:

Sigils are a very useful form of magic. You can make sigils wherever you are and inscribe them on any surface. You don’t have to get some fancy or high-quality paper to write sigils and burn them. Use the margins of old notebooks or the white spaces discarded newspaper scraps to practice and refine your sigils.

  1. Simplicity Is Key:

Of course, the way you practice your Craft is a deeply personal activity and unique to every witch- but if you’re on a budget, simplicity is the key. You don’t have to feel guilty about not constructing an elaborate altar for your deity or for using a plain kitchen knife instead of a ritual “athame”. Tools are just tools- they are there to get you to a magical state of mind. The magic is within you. In fact, following a simple or minimalist approach may even help you get closer to your source of power.

So what are your favorite tips for low-budget witchcraft? Do you have any ideas that I haven’t covered? Either way, I’d love to hear your perspectives and feel free to let them know in the comments below!

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Archita Mittra is a writer and artist residing in India, with a love for all things magic, vintage, and darkly fantastical. A student of English Literature at Jadavpur University, she also has a Diploma in Multimedia and Animation from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. Her work has been featured or profiled in Thought Catalog, Your Tango, Gurl, Lifehack, Maudlin House, Luna Luna Magazine and Rising Phoenix Review, among others. A Ravenclaw for life, she also dabbles in calligraphy, DIY crafts, fanfiction, photography and baking. She is a white witch, occasionally practises as a tarot card reader, and likes learning new things just for the heck of it. Some random things she likes: cryptozoology, Byronic heroes, everything fantasy, gothic and sci-fi, The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, period costumes, Loki, rabbits, Lana Del Rey, black holes, Tim Burton films, stimulating conversations and blueberry milkshakes. You can follow her on Instagram (architamittra), Twitter(architamittra),Facebook(WriterArchita) , tumblr (architamittra) and check out her blog at Say hi to her, maybe.

5 thoughts on “How To Be A Witch On A Budget

  1. This was very helpful. Being a closeted baby witch it can be overwhelming and expensive getting my witchy supplies. Thank you and hope to see more helpful material like this in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you liked it. Being a closet (and solitary) witch myself, I know how hard it can get. And yes, keep following this blog for more similar articles!


  2. Fantastic article! Personally, I am also a waking witch so I’m still feeling out the craft and taking down a list of the tools I’d like to have one day but I’ve found that as a money saver in the meantime, I save the matchsticks I use to light my candles and burn them up to make charcoal to make black protection salt! Activated charcoal can get a little steep in price so I make my own. There’s lots of shortcuts! Just be creative! Thanks for imparting your wisdom, Archita!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dollar Tree. All colors of candles, several scents of incense.
    I don’t do anything with herbs, magically speaking.

    A 50c seed packet. Grow something, even just some herbs in a flowerpot. Nothing puts you in tune with the earth and helps you learn to read weather sign like gardening


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