Back to School for Magickal Children

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled” – Plutarch

As the school year approaches, students and parents become busy in the bustle of back-to-school preparation from shopping, extracurricular activities, or just getting back into a more structured day after the holiday break. It is easy for life to become frenzied and demanding.

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Moon Water


Moon Water and why you should have it in your repertoire.

Moon water is simply water placed outside during the various lunar phases to collect the moon’s rays. The moon infuses its energy into the water which can then, in turn, be used for various practices. Moon water is very versatile and easy to collect.

The great thing about moon water is the simplicity of it. Even if you do not have an intended use at this time, collecting moon water for a later time can come in handy.

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Food of the Gods ~ Seeds of Love ~ Sweet Cacao


The first time I had a plant ceremony was with raw chocolate; also known as Cacao. Traditional Maya’s referred to the sacred plant as ka’kau. But today, the scientific given name to the plant is, ‘theobroma cacao’. In latin, the word ‘theo’ means ‘god’ and the word ‘broma’ means ‘food’. Cacao is quite literally the Food of the Gods.

Cacao was traditionally used in a few different ways..

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 It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for many reading this, and it seems to go as fast as it comes in on the cool night breeze. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), autumn is governed by the Metal element, which presides over presentation, ceremony, and minerals from the earth. Out of balance, we can lose respect or worth for others and ourselves or rely too heavily on material goods and our appearances.

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