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We’re grateful for your interest in contributing to the Witchery Press. We welcome and appreciate your voice. We take our work very seriously and only provide our readers with the best. It’s because of this, thousands of readers respect our work and trust our source. We are looking for savvy writers, the strange and unusual, and the fierce inspirators.

  The School of Witchery aims to remain distinct in its delivery of content and
engagement. The School possesses a reputation for quality, timeliness, and community
and these features we are purposed to maintain in our article content. As a writer, you

have the opportunity to engage a large audience eager to learn from knowledgeable,

fun and compelling content creators. Don’t be shy! send us your submissions, let your Magick shine.


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What to submit:

  • An article, on anything you are passionate about. Need direction? see our categories
  • Minimum 1,000 words -this word count is sufficient to produce content that touches all of the elements, we require for top articles. You may exceed this count.
  • The article must come with the credits/sources used.
  • Send us your full name, short bio, links you wish for us to share on your article (pen names welcomed)
  • We only accept word docs.
  • We require at least 1 image per article. This main image will be presented with your title headline. Additional images can be featured throughout the article. If your image is not original, it should be properly sourced and given valid credit. If you use images that are both commercial -free AND license -free, you may use those without credit or sourcing. If you’re unsure whether you should give credit, err on the side of caution and do so. No hyperlinks: the blog space will not show your hyperlinks so we recommend including any additional references in your sources section at the end.
  • To make our submission and approval process as efficient as possible, we require that you proofread your work. If using Microsoft Word, please access the spell-check option and do your best to reduce the grammatical and spelling errors. Your work will also be proofread another time upon submission.
Research & Relevance
The School provides a unified message designed for universal appeal. For this reason, we
tolerate no biased or slanted content or agenda pushing. No political persuasion.
Your content should be able to send a message without commands or orders or ultimatums. We do challenge you to create content that you believe would be most useful for the readership. The articles that stand the test of time are well researched, offer some form of action – value to the reader and have an engaging flow.
The Perks
What you get in return:
  • We promote/market all articles via our site (over 9k subscribers and growing), social networks of both the founder Juliet Diaz and SOW (over 100k followers and growing), and via our weekly Witchery Newsletter to thousands of our SOW students.
  • We also include your name, bio and preferred links in your article.
  • If accepted for publication we pay out $10 – $15 per article.
  • As a Witchery Press writer, you are part of one the most welcoming & loving magickal communities in the world.


Submission Guidelines


Where to send submissions:

  • We accept submissions through email ONLY. Email:

Response Time:

  • Our response time varies between 24-48 hours